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Posted : December 15, 2016

What Are AMP Pages and Why Does My Business Need One?

An Accelerated Mobile Page, (AMP), is a Twitter and Google project with the goal of making extremely fast mobile pages. It can be considered a lightweight HTML page that loads very quickly so that more visitors can be retained. Most people aren’t going to wait very long for a page to load when they are on a mobile device. On-the-go Internet users are looking for speed and efficiency when they are accessing sites on their mobile phones and tablets.

This is an open source project that is essentially designed for pure speed and easy readability. Pages can be developed on your own domain using the lightweight HTML. Right now it’s only available for mobile devices but this opens the door to all of the mobile Internet users that are looking for fast information and quick-loading pages.

Can I Build an AMP Myself?

Unless you’re an accomplished developer, you’ll want to stay away from building AMP Pages on your own. The HTML must be built in a very specific way and the tags must be put in different places and in a specific order. There are some things in regular HTML that you can’t use and others that you can.

Technology companies and publishers worldwide are taking part in this new initiative including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Chartbeat, Twitter and They are just some of the partners in the project that will be integrating these HTML AMP pages into their sites. As the project moves forward, more functionality and features will be addressed by working with other participants.

This open source initiative will improve mobile web performance dramatically with rich content, webpages full of graphics, animations and videos loading instantaneously. The code works on any type of device or platform so that content can be accessed quickly by anyone with a mobile phone or tablet.

This is just the beginning of the new project that generates fast flowing information on mobile devices. This project shows just how important the mobile web really is. Mobile devices aren’t going anywhere soon and if your business is not built for mobile platforms, you’ll definitely be leaving business on the table.

It’s apparent that this lightweight HTML is going to be a game changer in the world of mobile marketing. The businesses that move forward quickly with these new advances will have a better foothold in the marketplace by providing easy access to information. Getting started now with AMP pages for your site will give you an edge over your competition in the not-too-distant future.

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