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<h4 class=The Importance of SSL Certificates

SSL is the very foundation of a secure Internet since it protects private and sensitive information as it makes its way through cyberspace. It’s essential to have an SSL certificate in order to keep your website protected and to protect the privacy of the personal information that is shared by your visitors.

Encryption of Sensitive Information

SSL encrypts information that is sent so that it can only be understood by the intended recipient. Once a form has been filled out and the ‘Send’ button has been pressed, the data is passed along the Internet from one computer to another until it reaches its destination. If it is not encryped, computers other than the visitor and the destination server may be able to sensitive information such as: passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers

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Trust and Authentication

Internet users know that they can trust a site that has been certified since it has been authenticated by a third-party source.A visitor to your site knows that they can send their personal information without worry. SSL certificates are only provided to verify companies that have passed identity checks.

Internet users are now looking for ‘https’ to appear in the URL bar. They also want to see the small green padlock that indicates that the site is secure. Consumers are worried about phishing attacks and being sent to websites that are imitating others. Internet users have become extremely savvy and are more aware of identity theft and phishing sites than ever before.

Chrome Is Marking Pages as ‘Not Secure’

When customers land on a page with a form that does not have an SSL certificate, they are warned that the site is not secure. The warning appears in the URL bar and will drive customers away quickly if it shows up. If you have any type of form where you are asking for a password, credit card number or other sensitive information, it must be displayed on an ‘https://’ page. If the form is appearing in an iframe, it must also be served over HTTPS.

In the not-too-distant future we expect that the Chrome browser will display a ‘Not Secure’ warning for any page that isn’t certified even if it doesn’t contain an input field. We highly recommend getting SSL certified as soon as possible before any of these new changes are implemented. Learn more about getting your site certified as soon as possible by contacting Qode Media today!

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