Successful Mobile SEO Practices in 2017

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 Successful Mobile SEO Practices in 2017 Google is now highly recognizing the mobile market and will be rolling out a mobile-first search index in 2017 that will eventually become the primary algorithm for results on the search engine. As a result, if your business or brand isn’t doing well on the mobile search engine, your overall SEO efforts will be affected. It’s not surprising that this new move is coming since more than 60% of the inquiries made on search engines today are coming from mobile devices. As more and more businesses make their websites mobile compatible, the number of searches from devices is expected to grow during the coming years. Throughout the years companies have always had to shift their locations according to the amount of traffic they were receiving. Even small mom-and-pop stores have had to relocate their physical stores due to traffic demands. Now, the Internet as well has taken a major shift and all businesses and company owners need to move with it. The time is now to get started before any major plans by Google and other search engines are implemented and written in stone. If you haven’t built up a mobile presence yet there is still time to get on the bandwagon to preserve your SEO standings. You’ll need to make sure that you understand all of the new suggestions and requirements that have been introduced by Google and ensure that your website is mobile ready. You should also understand that the keywords you are currently using in your SEO efforts may not be the same keywords that an audience uses on their mobile devices. The new changes may also affect companies and business that have already established a mobile presence. If you don’t have the right markup language your page may not rank properly and your page may not load as fast as it should. These are technical requirements that may require the assistance of an SEO consultant to ensure that everything is in place and functioning properly. It’s a new day and age in search engine marketing and a day that most people knew would come. Now it is more important than ever to make sure that your mobile presence is optimized to provide your customers with the best overall user experience possible. To find out more about successful mobile SEO practices in 2017 please contact Toronto SEO Internet Marketing Company Qode Media at 416-208-0157 or visit our website today at...

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Online Retailers Require Specific SEO Strategies

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Online Retailers Require Specific SEO Strategies Boosting your online presence is essential if you’re going to see dramatic revenue increases in your business. The world is shopping online these days and any brick-and-mortar store should have its own online website available to consumers. Even if you don’t plan on selling products online, you still need to have an online presence these days. The Yellow Pages have virtually died and people are searching on Google to find places to shop. In order to best represent your online shop or at least your presence, there are some specific SEO strategies that you must have in place including the following: The Content, Structure and Layout On-site optimization is critical when setting up a website. It should be easy for Google and the other search engines to determine what your site is all about. The search engines will be looking at the content on your site to figure out how to rank it for relevant searches. On-site optimization includes quality content, easy navigation, a clearly written and concise title tag, properly written meta-descriptions, internal linking that makes sense and URLs that reflect exactly what are on the pages. Inbound Links This is one of the best ways to build up your site as an authority and a strategy should be implemented by all online retailers. The more properly placed links your site has from external websites and platforms, the more Google views it as an authority site in your niche. It’s important to team up with a reputable SEO company to get this done, however, since improper linking can ruin your ranking and damage your reputation. Here at Qode Media we use legitimate linking strategies that the search engines value and appreciate. We are proud of our reputation in this field and never use any shortcuts that could jeopardize your business. There are other SEO companies out there that promise instant results based on black-hat methods that can destroy your business overnight. When you want to see your site movingcup the ranks of Google and the other search engines,  increase sales and establish an impeccable online presence, pleasegive us a all at 416-208-0157. We are the leaders when it comes to online retailers and have the portfolio to prove it. You can also visit our website at right now to learn more about our free website consultations and how Toronto’s top SEO company can help...

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What Is Technical SEO?

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What Is Technical SEO? Technical SEO lays the groundwork of your site so that it can have a great chance of succeeding with its relevant phrases and keywords. By using the guidelines provided by search engines your site can be ranked and indexed accordingly for its key phrase searches. A website developer should know the ins and outs of technical SEO so that it can be implemented properly to give a website the best chance for success. Consider technical SEO as the foundation of everything you’re going to be doing on the Internet in the future. It’s a basic that cannot be ignored. When you provide your site the proper groundwork right from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about things crashing down around you later when the search engines decide to change their algorithms. It’s a set-and-forget system that needs to be put in place when first setting up any site. Your Site’s Architecture Once your site is set up correctly, small changes may be required according to search engine updates, customer behaviour patterns and any changes in your business direction. With the proper technical SEO in place, the architecture of your site can cope with the changes required. From simple to complex websites, technical SEO can make or break a business. Fast Loading From a user’s viewpoint, a site must be able to load quickly in order to keep its visitors engaged. Anyone visiting a slow loading site will leave it and look for another that loads faster. From an SEO viewpoint, a slow loading site may hurt your ranking in Google. If you aren’t showing up on the first page, it may very well be due to the speed of your site. Categorizing This is a big part of technical SEO and should be approached from the right viewpoint. Pages shouldn’t be buried too deeply, which means that horizontal sites are often preferred. It’s easier for a search engine to index, cache and crawl a horizontal site versus one that concentrates on depth. This is a big part of the site design, especially for an e-commerce website having products that must be catalogued and assigned URLs. Other key factors that need to be considered when constructing the architecture of the site include subdomains, site maps, meta tags etc. Page Priorities A site with a lot of data needs to have some type of priority system in place. It needs to be determined what content should rank the highest and the internal linking will be based on this decision. This is one of the things that can change due to buying trends and any changes that may be made concerning the direction of your business. There are many other factors involved with technical SEO but they cannot all be covered here. If you have any questions about your website and how it has been structured, please visit for a free consultation. Call us today at 416-208-057 to talk immediately to a qualified consultant at Toronto’s top SEO...

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What Were the Google Search Trends in 2016?

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With the New Year upon us, it’s time to look back at the past 12 months to see what was trending in Google search. From athletes to politicians, it’s been a busy year with people heading to Google to understand and learn more about the world we live in. We are proud to present some of the major topics that were trending in 2016. Pokémon Go Who could have predicted it? Pokémon Go struck the heart and the attention of millions of people across North America and was one of the top 10 searches on Google. One of the most popular searches for this topic was “How to play Pokémon Go?”. It was something that took the world by storm and people want to find out how to play the game and catch all of the pieces. An Election and the Olympics With both the Olympics and the election taking place in 2016, it’s easy to understand why 9 of the top 10 people searches were for athletes and politicians. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Michael Phelps and Simon Biles were heavy hitters when it came to Google searches last year. Powerball In January 2016, the Powerball jackpot hit a record-breaking number making this search the top trending one last year. There was a 166% increase in searches for this topic due to the jackpot prize. Recipes People were searching for beer and a number of different recipes last year while also trying to eat fewer calories. Snow cream was the trending recipe in 2016, which is prepared with snow, milk, vanilla and sugar. Mannequins and Slime Last year, people wanted to find out how to make slime. This may be due to the new release of the Ghostbusters movie. At the same time, people were searching for the mannequin challenge, which weighed in heavily at number #7 on the top 10 list. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may want to Google it yourself! These were just some of the trending search terms on Google last year. Other major searches included Prince, David Bowie, Alexander Hamilton, Beyoncé, Orlando, Zika, and Brexit. It’s interesting to view all of these search trends to see exactly what 2016 was all about. It’s clear to see that people still wanted a challenging game to play, which was offered with the introduction of Pokémon Go, were looking for new food ideas and ways to cut calories while still wanting to stay informed of recent events. Trending Google searches can play a major role in your business marketing plans. When you can see what interests the public at large you can define it for your own business needs. To find out more about the latest trends please contact Qode Media today at 416-208-0157 or visit our website at...

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Why Your Business Startup Should Use Google AdWords

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If you’re just starting up a business, Google AdWords should be a part of your marketing arsenal. If you aren’t using this promotional tool, you’ll simply be leaving money on the table. AdWords campaigns will lead customers to your website on a regular basis while building up your brand exposure. If you are just getting started with AdWords, however, you should consider using a dedicated campaign manager so that the money you invest provides the ROI you are looking for. Do-It-Yourself Google AdWords While a business owner can certainly create his own campaigns and Google has made it extremely user-friendly to do so, any business owner should tread cautiously in this marketing territory. If you don’t handle your campaigns properly, you can lose a lot of money in a fairly short period of time. You’ll want to see an appropriate return on your advertising spending and you’ll need to know exactly where and how to spend your money. A campaign manager uses creativity and analytics to form personalized advertising strategies. Workflows can be created that create and monitor the entire process working with the initial lead generation all the way to the final sale. Statistics are analyzed regularly and changes are made according to the workability of each campaign. When you hire someone that knows exactly what they are doing, the results can be phenomenal. Google Remarketing This is a more specified form of advertising using Google AdWords and it has the ability to also generate amazing results. Remarketing ads are shown to people that have visited your site and for one reason or another follow through with a sale. You already know that these are targeted potential customers so it makes a lot of sense to show them ads frequently as a reminder that they’ve already engaged with your site and need to take further steps to complete the sale. Most users that are visiting your site can be left with a cookie and these people can be targeted with your advertising. As well, you can drill down even deeper and only show your ads to visitors that started the checkout process, visited the contact page, visited the pricing page etc. As your business grows you’ll want to closely define your remarketing audience to see the best results. One of the first marketing strategies implemented by any new business startup should be Google AdWords and its remarketing campaigns. Here at Qode Media, we can help you get started and manage your campaigns through Google analytics and effective marketing solutions. Give us a call today at 416-208-0157 or visit our website at to find out more about AdWords for your business and to schedule a free website...

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What Are AMP Pages and Why Does My Business Need One?

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What Are AMP Pages and Why Does My Business Need One? An Accelerated Mobile Page, (AMP), is a Twitter and Google project with the goal of making extremely fast mobile pages. It can be considered a lightweight HTML page that loads very quickly so that more visitors can be retained. Most people aren’t going to wait very long for a page to load when they are on a mobile device. On-the-go Internet users are looking for speed and efficiency when they are accessing sites on their mobile phones and tablets. This is an open source project that is essentially designed for pure speed and easy readability. Pages can be developed on your own domain using the lightweight HTML. Right now it’s only available for mobile devices but this opens the door to all of the mobile Internet users that are looking for fast information and quick-loading pages. Can I Build an AMP Myself? Unless you’re an accomplished developer, you’ll want to stay away from building AMP Pages on your own. The HTML must be built in a very specific way and the tags must be put in different places and in a specific order. There are some things in regular HTML that you can’t use and others that you can. Technology companies and publishers worldwide are taking part in this new initiative including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Chartbeat, Twitter and They are just some of the partners in the project that will be integrating these HTML AMP pages into their sites. As the project moves forward, more functionality and features will be addressed by working with other participants. This open source initiative will improve mobile web performance dramatically with rich content, webpages full of graphics, animations and videos loading instantaneously. The code works on any type of device or platform so that content can be accessed quickly by anyone with a mobile phone or tablet. This is just the beginning of the new project that generates fast flowing information on mobile devices. This project shows just how important the mobile web really is. Mobile devices aren’t going anywhere soon and if your business is not built for mobile platforms, you’ll definitely be leaving business on the table. It’s apparent that this lightweight HTML is going to be a game changer in the world of mobile marketing. The businesses that move forward quickly with these new advances will have a better foothold in the marketplace by providing easy access to information. Getting started now with AMP pages for your site will give you an edge over your competition in the not-too-distant future. For more information about Accelerated Mobile Pages, how the project is progressing and how AMP pages can increase your business, please contact Qode Media, the Best SEO Company in Toronto, at 416-208-0157. You can also visit our website at to find out more about mobile-friendly...

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The ABCs of SEO

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If you’re new to online marketing, there is no doubt that you’ll run across the term SEO very soon. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and the name says it all – optimizing your site so that it ranks well in the search engines. SEO uses creative and technical processes to improve a site’s rankings and to therefore drive more traffic to it. There are a lot of different ways to approach SEO but it all comes down to showing the search engines that your site is there and having these engines understand what your site is all about. At the same time, your site needs to be user-friendly so that your visitors can get the most out of it. Does your site need SEO? If your site is not appearing on the first page of Google or on any other search engines, you’ll definitely need to work on some key optimization points to get it there. This is the best way to build up traffic to your website so that you can make sales and increase your profits. Proper SEO can bring targeted traffic to your website better than any other type of marketing and provide a higher ROI. It is the first marketing method to explore when you are ready to boost your sales and raise your revenue. Helping the Search Engines Figure It All Out Search engines use certain algorithms to figure out what your site is all about. For example, if you are selling cat toys you’ll want your site to appear in the listings that are relevant to these types of toys. If your page shows up to people that are looking for children’s toys, you won’t receive any targeted traffic. You need to let the search engines know exactly what your site is selling or promoting. This is done by placing relevant content on your site that the search engines can crawl easily. This crawling is done by automated robots that look through the links on your site to see its pages and documents. When the engines discover these pages they can decipher a code on them and decide where to put your site on the search engine listings. The search engines use spiders or crawlers to find this data and store it in huge data centres that are located worldwide. These facilities have thousands upon thousands of machines that can process vast amounts of information quickly. A person that is sitting at his computer and submitting a query to Google will expect fast and relevant results. The search engines often assume that a popular site must be valuable. The engines use mathematical equations called algorithms to determine the relevance and popularity of a site and then rank it accordingly. There can be hundreds of variables associated with these algorithms, which will determine the ranking factors for websites. Built for the End-User SEO all equates to a fine balance between satisfying the search engines and the end-user. Somebody that is typing “Cat Toys” into the Google search bar wants to see a listing of cat toy sites and nothing else. At the same time, when the user clicks on a site he wants it to be clean, load quickly and offer valuable information. Recent research shows that more people than ever are using...

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Local SEO Trends in 2016

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In 2016, the importance of local SEO has dramatically increased. While on-page SEO strategies remain important, it’s just as critical to make sure that your site is appearing in Google Maps and on review sites such as Yelp. You’re leaving money on the table if you are only concentrating on your website optimization while ignoring review sites, Google maps and local directories. If you’re looking for a local listing on Google, you’ll see map listings appearing at the top while the local websites are showing up below. Internet users are noted for being impatient and will often click on the first listing they notice. You need to make sure that your business is appearing on the map as well as on the directory sites to create a powerful online impact. My Business Listing on Google The first thing you need to do is set up and then properly optimize the information for your business on Google maps. This can be done through Google My Business. This is a free service, and it’s easy to create a business listing there or to claim one that already exists. Your Business on Yelp Don’t underestimate the number of potential clients that are going to Yelp to read reviews about local businesses. If you aren’t showing up on Yelp with positive reviews, your business will suffer as a result. A lot of people are accessing Yelp from their mobile devices while they’re on the go. If your listing isn’t showing up, you can be sure that they’ll be visiting your competition. How to Optimize Your Business Listings This is a visual day and age so you’ll need to make sure that you add photos to your listings. This will let your potential clients and Google know exactly what your business is about. You’ll also need to ensure that all information such as your hours of operation and address are up-to-date. Local Optimization In order to create a strategy that works effectively for local SEO, a lot of factors will need to be taken into consideration. It’s important to follow the local trends in 2016 and to track the trends that are heading into 2017. The Internet today for local searches is quite different than it was even a short year ago. Qode Media keeps up with these trends and takes all of the different components of successful local SEO into mind when promoting your business. Factors such as consumer behaviour, keyword impact, the design of your website and demographics, to name a few, all play a key role in determining the success of your business. Visit our website at or call us today at 416-208-0157 to find out how your business can benefit from strategized local SEO...

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The Best Toronto SEO Company 2016

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When you’re looking for the best Toronto SEO company 2016, search for a company that stays on track with developing trends and knows just what your website needs right now. There are a lot of companies operating and using techniques that worked in the past. However, this can damage a website very quickly and tear apart a business. An SEO company needs to know what’s happening right now. Has Google been changing its algorithms? How much time should be devoted to social media? Does backlinking still work and how should it be done? How important are videos? There’s a lot happening in the Internet world and things are changing on a daily basis. The only way to stay on top is to monitor the situation and make changes when necessary. Here at Qode Media, we are dedicated to using only the workable technology of today. Techniques that worked in 2015 may not work in 2016. It’s all about what’s going on today that defines the best SEO company in Toronto this year. Social Media Presence One of the biggest trends happening right now is social media. It has never been bigger, and we work with businesses to help them promote an online social presence. This helps in the form of branding and direct sales. When you have a message to get across to others, you’ll want to reach people where they are gathering. Millions of people go to social sites every day, and this has become a major part of SEO strategies in 2016. A Strong Google Presence In order to make it up the ranks in Google these days, you’ll need to have some type of social media presence. Google is monitoring your activity on the social sites and it does make a difference in terms of your ranking on the search engine. Google also wants to see clean, relevant content that appeals to readers without keyword stuffing. This search engine will penalize websites that are using out-of-the-box tricks to try to get higher rankings. Every day Google has its own people looking for sites that try to slip through the cracks by using immoral techniques that once worked in the past. In order to survive in 2016, your website needs to use ethical methods in order to get a higher ranking. At Qode Media we can supply you with all of today’s tools that are SEO friendly and will result in higher sales volume. Visit our website at or contact us today at 416-208-0157 to find out how we can help you with your marketing efforts in today’s competitive...

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What Are Instagram Direct Response Ads?

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A direct response ad is a specific type of marketing that inspires a user to give an immediate response to an ad by doing the specific action requested in the ad. You can see these ads on Instagram frequently, and they are very effective when presented in the right manner. When you visit Instagram, you’ll see ads asking you to visit a specific website or to download a relevant application. These types of ads allow you to track the responses, and they are also measurable. You’ll be able to find out who responds to your ads and measure how effective they are. They are a perfect way to brand your company, products, and services in an original and creative way. Instagram direct response ads are fairly new to this social media platform. They have been around for approximately a year and recently changes have been made. Now, a viewer that is responding to one of your ads and clicking on the call-to-action button will also be able to see your Instagram profile page. This gives you amazing branding ability within a social media site that is followed by millions of users. With Instagram, you’ll be able to take advantage of branding along with marketing. Viewers will be able to see your profile page, click the link to your site or request a download through your direct response ad. Don’t underestimate the power of social media sites or Instagram in particular. While there are tons of people using Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a powerful social site that millions also use on a day-to-day basis. This is one of the most popular sites for advertising and for building up a brand name. Additionally, many of the large global corporations recognize its power. They use Instagram as a strategic part of their marketing plans. At Qode Social, we are experts in direct response ads on Instagram and have successful stories to prove it. We create ads that will appeal to your company’s target market and measure the response. We will tweak the ad when necessary to make sure that you are getting a high volume of responses along that you are looking for. Please call us today at 647-556-3167 or visit to find out more about services that can help your business boom. Any company that isn’t creating a social media presence online will lag behind its competitors and will have difficulty catching up...

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